4 years
Jan Sep
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USD 30,500
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About this course

Christian Studies is an innovative programme of studies for both those seeking ordination in the Catholic Church, and those wishing to make a commitment to the wider ministry of the Church and the improvement of society through work in social services and education, including theological and pastoral formation.

Macao has a strong tradition of preparing people, through study and training, for the service to the wider community, including Mainland China and the region. The resources of the University of Saint Joseph and the Diocese of Macau will enable the delivery of a four-year full-time programme of studies in theology and philosophy, with an emphasis on history, Biblical study, theology and liturgy.

This course is ideal for teachers and administrators in Catholic schools, at all levels, especially those who aspire to positions of leadership: for those involved in evangelizations, including ecumenical and inter-faith dialogue, and for those who wish to study further and become teachers in institutions of higher education within the Church.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must possess a secondary school diploma that represents the successful completion of 12 years of schooling, or its equivalent, (applicants aged 25, or above, may be exempted from this requirement).
  • Bachelor applicants must be currently enrolled, or have completed, Form 6 / Senior Middle Three / Grade 12 students and be aged 17, or above, at the expected time of enrolment into USJ.
  • Applicants must also demonstrate adequate English proficiency.
  • Selected applicants may be required to complete an English test and an admission interview.
  • Other tests (e.g. essays or group dynamics and other language placement tests) may be requested of applicants, depending on the selected programme.