Macau University of Science and Technology, Taipa, Macau

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Tel.: (853) 2888 1122

Avenida Wai Long,Taipa,Macau

Taipa, Macau

Why Choose Macau University of Science and Technology


Macau University of Science and Technology is ranked in the top 100 universities in the Greater China and is the largest multi-disciplinary university in Macao with over 10,000 students enrolled.

Various Programmes Offered

Macau University of Science and Technology offers students with over 40 programs for Doctorate, Master and Bachelor Degree, among which includes programes like: Information Technology, Business, Hospitality, Journalism and Communication.

Affordable & Well Equipped

Not only is the tuition fees for Macau University of Science and Technology affordable but also, the cost of living here; living on campus is quite convenient considering the rent is cheap and it is well equipped with facilities students will need for living there.

Excellent International Academic Standards

Macau University of Science and Technology strives for excellence with international academic standards in cultivating educated, ethical and creative talents, performing innocative and interdisciplinary research, providing quality community services, and enriching eminent multi-cultural heritages.

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About Macau University of Science and Technology, Taipa, Macau (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Founded in 2000, the Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) has grown steady-fast and with vigor. As the largest multi-disciplinary university in Macau, M.U.S.T. is ranked as the youngest among the Top 100 Universities in the cross-strait region1. Adopting the policy of according equal importance to teaching and research, pursuing excellence, so as to cultivate talent in diverse fields, M.U.S.T. encourages its staff to conduct cutting-edge research to new heights and international excellence. M.U.S.T. is situated on a land area of 210,000 square metres located in Taipa, Macau, the beautiful surroundings and convenient transport render it an ideal place for students to pursue academic education and engage in research.

Mission and Vision

Upholding the motto of “dedication to practical studies, and enhancement of knowledge, ability and quality”, M.U.S.T. adheres to its mission, “to promote cultural exchange, nurture intellectual growth, foster economic development, and further societal progress”. To fulfill the needs of Macau’s society and the rapid development of China, M.U.S.T. offers many and diverse quality educational programs by drawing on, and incorporating into its work, the experiences of world-class higher education institutions, aiming to cultivate talents that not only master fundamental theories and are highly competitive in practice, but also are innovative, bilingual, educated and ethical, and adaptive to the needs of globalization of science and technology and economy. At the same time, M.U.S.T. supports its academics in conducting multi-disciplinary and cutting-edge research, making efforts to leapfrog M.U.S.T. to join the family of renowned universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Course Features and Teaching Methods
From MUST’s perspective, professional education and general education are both important. Guide by this principle, the University was the first in Macau to offer general education courses including humanities and social science, science and technology, arts and literature. The course curriculum is benchmarked to similar international courses and some programs are internationally and professionally accredited, which establish a solid basis for students to pursue advanced study abroad or enter into the international market. Basic professional knowledge, theory, skills and life-long learning abilities are consistently emphasized in the teaching methods and content. One important feature is that MUST is mindful of the importance of developing students’ bilingual and cross-cultural communication abilities, with many of its courses taught in English or English with Chinese. Further, MUST values the training and passing-on of wisdom, knowledge and skills from all over the world by inviting experts from the world to teach its undergraduate and postgraduate students. The performance of MUST’s graduates is excellent, both professionally and academically; many of them pursue advanced study with scholarships in world-reknowned universities and many gain employment in China, Hong Kong and Macau governments and well-known enterprises.

Academic and Teaching Staff
A crucial criteria in cultivating quality talent is to have knowledgeable, professional and experienced international staffs. Among its several hundred chair professors, professors, visiting professors, associate professors and assistant professors, many speak both Chinese and English and have obtained their PhD degrees and worked in world-class institutions such as Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Cambridge University, Peking University, the University of Hong Kong etc. Such experience means that these academics and professionals not only teach students the most up-to-date knowledge, but also broaden their international vision. With regard to teaching facilities, MUST is equipped with very many modern lecture theatres, classrooms and seminar rooms, well-established laboratories, rich collections in the library, an Olympic-standard track and field stadium and gymnasium.

Academic Exchange and International Cooperation
At present, MUST has established many types of cooperation partnerships with close to one hundred institutions in China, Europe, America and Australia for educational programs, academic research, personnel training and student exchange. It is a member of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and the International Association of Universities (IAU). For academic exchange, MUST provides funding for outstanding students to study abroad.

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