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About this course

Applied Marine Biology (AMB) is a marine science course that focuses on research applications to all aspects connected with harvesting food from natural and aquacultured marine animals and plants. Grounded in basic sciences in the first year, AMB students receive instruction and training in a broad range of techniques and subject areas, including ecology, physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Students will become familiar with many different animals and plants, both in the laboratory and in the field, including various kinds of fishes and shellfish, and other interesting organisms such as sea urchins, macroalgae (seaweeds) and microalgae (microplankton).

Opportunities are also available for working at the biochemical level on novel substances of potential use as medicines. In short, training is available in all aspects of the Faculty of Agriculture themes of "Food, Health and Environment."

Entry Requirements

One of the following:

  • Not a Japanese citizen.
  • Not a foreigner with a permanent residence permit.
  • Case is deemed exceptional by Tohoku University.

Has received education in a Japanese school, but the total length is less than 6 years. 

One of the following:

  • Completed a 12-year curriculum of school education in a foreign country, or have an equivalent education as specified by the Minister of Education of Japan.
  • 18 years of age or older, and have an International Baccalaureate Degree, an Abitur qualification, or a French Baccalaureate, or have completed a 12-year curriculum at an educational institution in Japan certified by WASC, ASCI, or CIS.
  • 18 years of age or older, and Tohoku University deems my academic abilities to be equal or superior to those of a high school graduate. 

One of the following:

  • Met or exceeded the score required by the relevant FGL course in the TOEFL-iBT, TOEFL-PBT, or IELTS.
  • Attended for four years or longer a middle/high school, where the main language used for teaching was English (even if my country/region's official language is not English), and I can submit a certificate from that school's principal to verify this. Because I cannot take a TOEFL test, I have contacted Tohoku University in advance, and will submit any certificates requested.