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Apr Sep
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About this course

Modern Japanese culture has been impacted significantly by German literature and thought, ranging from medieval legends to works of the great writer Goethe, the Grimm brothers, Marx and Nietzsche, and further to Freud and Kafka. German literary works and thought, however, must be understood in the political, social and cultural contexts of individual epochs, since literature and thought cannot remain independent of historical or social backgrounds. It is also important to consider the mutual influences between literature and music, movies, paintings and architecture.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants should have successfully completed or expect to complete a 12-year or equivalent program of general education.
  • Applicants must have a good command of English. Certification of language proficiency is required for non-native speakers of English. In some cases certification will also be required from a native speaker if there are any concerns about English proficiency. Acceptable forms of certification include: TOEFL (IBT 85), IELTS (6.5), an International Baccalaureate, Standard or Higher Level English, GCE A Level or AS level qualification in any academic subject