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About this course

The Department of Applied Chemistry focusing on "technology-aware" chemistry. In other words, we are focusing our attention on a form of chemistry that has an impact on the world, helps humanity to prosper, serves to protect the environment, and is applicable to the study of life. While we are engaged in basic research in support of the chemical industry, which makes up an important part of the industrial base, we are also carrying out research related to practical development efforts. The department operates at a world-class scientific level, and is well-known internationally for its role as one of the most advanced research hubs in the world for chemistry. The department works with domestic companies, universities and research institutions, and is also engaged in a wealth of collaborative international efforts.

Entry Requirements

  • Have completed a 12-year school curriculum0
  • Have applied to TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge English proficiency tests (FCE, CAE or DPE)