Course on Cafeteria and Bar - Level 1

ICIF (Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners)
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Entry Requirements

  • Italian and foreign professionals of food and wine
  • Italian and foreign gourmet amateurs and enthusiasts


  • Information and use of work apparatus and utensils: glasses, shakers, mixing-glass blender.
  • Notions on fermentation, distillation, liqueurs.
  • History and information regarding International mixed drinks
  • Understanding and quantification of cocktails dosages and pouring techniques
  • Practical exercise
  • Fermentation.
  • Wines, Sparkling Wines, Champagne, Vermouth and Beer: history and varieties
  • Sensory Analysis and appetizers
  • Practical exercise: IBA aperitifs
  • Spirits from cereals, fruit, wine, marc, plants, sensory analysis
  • Digestives, classic and innovative
  • Practical exercise: International IBA digestives and sour with distilled spirits
  • Coffee and drinks utilizing coffee. Mixed drinks with hot coffee and iced coffee
  • The coffee machine, cleaning methods and use
  • The coffee grinder, operation and use
  • The basics for Cappuccino preparation
  • Practical exercise: Italian Cafeteria, Cappuccino and coffee and derived drinks
  • Liqueurs: types and classification. Sensory analysis
  • International Long drinks, innovative drinks and soft drinks
  • Practical exercise: International Long drinks -mojito – caipirine
  • Written test

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