Chocolaterie Course

ICIF (Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners)
Professional and Vocational
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4 months
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Entry Requirements

  • Italian and foreign professionals of food and wine
  • Italian and foreign food lovers and enthusiasts


  • Cocoa in the world
  • Chocolate, an infinite mystery: the transformation from the seed to Chocolate and from chocolate to chocolates
  • Technical aspect of cocoa
  • Aromatic profiles of cocoa
  • Artisan uses of Chocolate
  • Cocoa: sensory analysis of 28 varieties from around the world
  • The roasting
  • The cracking of the bean: preparation of the cocoa bean from the whole bean to the nibs
  • The grinding: first grinding of cocoa
  • Recipes of Chocolate and application of the calculation programme
  • The refining
  • The conching
  • The professional tempering technique
  • Artisan Chocolate: insight into the various techniques of melting and processing
  • Manual Tempering of Chocolate: insights on the mechanical techniques in a continuous cycle
  • The molding of chocolate for hollow casings: preparation of pralines with various fillings
  • The Preparation of fillings: ganaches, princes, cremini or jellies
  • Chocolate coatings: insights on the use of colors and metals
  • The Preparation of small items in modeled Chocolate
  • The processing of Satin Chocolate
  • Small Pieces to showcase: the realization of an artistic piece to showcase
  • New techniques for chocolate decoration
  • In depth lessons with theoretical and practical seminars held by world renowned professional confectioners – Masters from the Academy of Master Chocolatiers
  • Every day a different Master Chocolatier will prepare their own Chocolate speciality starting from the simple preparations to the most classified ones

Professional Intership (optional)
The student can choose whether to continue the program of the course by undergoing a period of internship (the internship is optional) lasting a total of 3 months (12 weeks) at patisseries or chocolate manufacturers previously selected by the Institute, and who belong to the Academy of Master Chocolatiers.
In companies unable to provide lodgings, it will be at the student’s discretion to choose another company able to offer accommodation, otherwise the school can be of assistance to find alternative lodgings, which will be at the student’s expense together with meals.

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