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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

7 years, 6 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? From the very first day I stepped into the college, it has continued to blow me away with the things it does to ensure its students meet the highest standards as healthcare professionals. All quizzes, schedules, important notices, and assignments are posted both in the Moodle learning environment and sent to each student's individual webmail account provided by the college. Anatomy sessions are held twice weekly and students are free to use the fresh cadavers and well dissected specimens for further learning on other days. Lectures are delivered by people who are actively involved in the latest updates in their field, and have a mountain of experience to boot. Breakfast is even (sometimes) provided for students with finals in early mornings so we don't starve during the 2 hours in the exam hall. Students are given access to patients early on to encourage empathy and to remind ourselves of the people we serve. In short, RCSI has an academic system that aims to make the best out of every student, provided said student gives his or her best as well. One could say the most important improvement we need right now is a 24 hour library to accommodate the marathon studying done the week before finals. What are the students like? As usual, we have the friendly and not-so-friendly, the talented and not-so-talented, and even the pasty white Irish and the not-so-pasty white Internationals. RCSI has a huge diversity in terms of nationalities and cultures, but the thing about being here is that as long as you're not a nuisance, a moron, or a hater, you'll find your own group soon enough. All students are here with clear goals and intentions, and so may come across as arrogant or rash at first sight. But I assure you, they're really just trying to be more than what the system tells them they should be. Be ready to meet and learn from people who have amazing stories to tell, and amazing lives to live. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. Not studying? That doesn't seem possible if you're in RCSI with all its continuous assessments. But IN SPITE of the workload, we have students running around college organising pub crawls, wearing penguin suits to promote an environmental cause, hamming it up on stage, capturing the beauty of Dublin on film, or just hustling freshers at the communal pool table. Sports clubs and societies are assisted with the running of their activities by the ever polite Student Services office and the ever laz-I mean crazy, Students' Union. We are also given access to well maintained gyms and the sports clubs of RCSI organise weekly sessions for students to have a bit of fun and maintain an active lifestyle. Social life in RCSI might be confined to group study session and rushed lunches at our (very delicious) AK Henry's Cafeteria during exam periods. However, be prepared for weekend pub sessions, jamming or playing pool in during the ten minute break between classes, and movie marathons after that. We understand that being a professional means working harder than everyone else. That's why we also take it upon ourselves to play extra hard. Oh and for all you nerds who would like to use this downtime "wisely", there are many opportunities for dissertation medals and summer research projects. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? Competitive. No sugar coating it. Being here means at the very least knowing what you want and being willing to put yourself out there to succeed. RCSI, while expensive, also offers a fantastic experience as a student and a sobering view on life as a healthcare professional. I do hope to be able to tell you more as I advance through the years.

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