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About this course

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program intends to deliver graduates who:

  • Have ability to enhance the profession services through research and development in, generally, the energy technology area and specifically in the energy conversion techniques.
  • Have ability to achieve the high performance in the development of energy conversion area including the new concepts development.
  • Has ability to develop the profession excellence in a broader spectrum by similar profession/ knowledge integration.
  • Has practical ability to solve problems in the energy conversion area using logical sciences.
  • Has scholarly culture includes norms, attitudes and habits such as: committed to scientific publications, integrity, curious, tenacity, and persistence.

The graduates are expected to be able to performance in various activities held by government institutions, education institutes, industrial sectors and others, and have competitiveness to face the globalization era and free trading.

Entry Requirements

  • Accomplished the techniques or science undergraduate program according to the regulation of Ministry of National Education.
  • Submit recommendations from two lectures.
  • Pass the admission test: Academic Potential Test, English, Basic Mathematics, and basic science according to their study area.
  • Interview