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About this course

Graduates of the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program have major competencies of:

  1. Able to identify, formulate, and solve the design problems as well as integrated system improvement in a creative manner, which is consists of human, material, information, equipment and energy by the usages of the main equipments of analytical, computational, and/or experimental.
  2. Able to implement the problem solving results, and have a broader insight to understand its impact to the social, environmental, local and global contexts.
  3. Able to adapt to the new technique and analyzing equipment which are required in the practice of their profession.
  4. Able to communicate and cooperate effectively.
  5. Understand and appreciate the ethics and profession responsibility.

Local tuition fees: Depending on Test Results Category Ranking 1, 2 or 3:

  • Ranking 1: IDR 154,700,000 (entire course)
  • Ranking 2: IDR 157,700,000 (entire course)
  • Ranking 3: IDR 160,700,000 (entire course)