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About this course

Faculty of Economics offers several international programs, such as dual degree program in cooperation with the Faculty of Business, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, USA; College School of Business, University of Missouri St Louis, USA.

The graduates will receive the title of BBA (Honors) or BSc which equal to the degree issued by the related university and the title of Sarjana Ekonomi (Economics Bachelor degree) from Universitas Trisakti (Trisakti University).

Entry Requirements

  • Possess high school degree or high school students of 3rd year in the related academic year.
  • Average grade of 1st and 2nd year (2 semesters) ≥ 7, whereas the English grade ≥ 7.
  • Registered as student of Faculty of Economics Trisakti University, begin in semester-1.
  • Pursue the English selection (TOEFL/IELTS).