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Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta, Indonesia
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About Universitas Trisakti

 Universitas Trisakti (Trisakti University) was established and legalized by Indonesian Government on November 29th, 1965 refer to the Minister of Higher Education and Science Decree No. 014/dar/1965 signed by the Minister, dr.Syarief Thayeb.

Trisakti University has developed very fast, consists of nine (9) faculties and Graduates Program. It contains of 47 study programs i.e: 23 undergraduate programs, 3 professional programs, 12 graduate programs, 1 specialization program, 2 doctoral program and 6 diploma programs (Diploma III and Diploma IV).

Trisakti's Vision:
Evolment of university with international standards and integration of nayive descent to acquire science, technology, art, and culture leading towards quality of life and civilization.

Trisakti's Mission:

  1. To enhance the role of Trisakti University in carrying out human resources with intellectual, international standards and relevant education for the university's noble values.
  2. To enhance research activities to develop science, technology and art utilizing local wisdom to solve national problems thereby increasing the quality of life and civilization.
  3. To enhance the role of Trisakti University is supporting requirement for community service for support and industry demands.
  4. To enhance the commitment of Trisakti University to good university governance.

 Universitas Trisakti (Trisakti University) also consistently works together with universities abroad to run a variety of educational programs, development of science and research. Some of these include: student exchange programs, exchange of lecturers / guest lecturers in the organizing academic activities, credit transfers, joint researches, organizing joint scientific meetings, and dual degree programs. 

The International Class program offered by the Faculty of Economics Trisakti University is delivered in English. The curriculum, learning process, etc. are designed to meet the “International Academic Culture” which is based on international education system. Students who attend this program should have good academic performance, fluent in English, and high motivation. International Class offers: Trisakti International Program, Dual Degree (2+2 and 3+1), Student Exchange (1 semester or 1 year), and Short Course (3 months or 1 semester) as follows:

  1. Trisakti International Program offers the Economic bachelor degree (SE) and certificate of International Class which requires TOEFL 550/IELTS 6.5 (international standard).
  2. Dual Degree Program (2+2 and 3+1) offers dual degree of bachelor degree from Universitas Trisakti (Trisakti University) and university partner for four years duration of study. 

Partner Universities:

  • Indiana University Purdue
  • University Indianapolis
  • University Missouri
  • The University of Northampton
  • InHolland University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Fontys University, Netherlands
  • Kofi Annan Business School
  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Cutrin University, Australia


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50 Tahun Universitas Trisakti 1965-2015

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