Master of Electrical Engineering (delivered in English)

Telkom University
Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Master's Degree
Study mode
2 years
January August
Tuition fee (local)
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Tuition fee (foreign)
USD 6,512

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant qualifications accepted by the university.


Key Competencies:  Able to analyze current telecommunication systems and their problems by taking into account the development direction of technology towards convergence between business and technology of wireless Communication System and the Internet. Able to provide optimal solutions to problems of telecommunication systems by accommodating diverse QoS application/new services and network and information security.  Able to develop innovative telecommunication technologies by accommodating the convergence of wireless communication system that it requires a paradigm shift in the design of telecommunication system, that is, telecommunication systems that involve a cross-layer design between physical and network layers.

This is supported by a design of adaptive systems by applying the latest related techniques. Able to analyze issues related to telecommunication engineering.

Key Competency Specialization:  a. Core competencies in the field of ICT, particularly Wireless Communication Systems: Able to design and implement a wireless communication system or subsystem by considering the technical and regulatory aspects, in particular, those that lead to the convergence of technology.  Able to develop wireless communication technology by considering the u tilization of existing technology, new technology and the needs of the telecommunication industry, particularly in the field of wireless communication. Able to analyze and anticipate the direction of the development of wireless communication technology, especially in the aspects of technology convergence in Indonesia in accordance with international telecommunication standards.  b. Core competency in the fields of ICT, particularly in Network Engineering fields: Able to develop telecommunication technology based on telecommunication management regulations, the current needs of the telecommunication industry, the use of existing technology, new technologies and optimization of technical resource requirements.  Able to analyze and anticipate the direction of telecommunication technology development, especially in the convergence aspects of the latest network and services in Indonesia by considering the regulatory aspects in accordance with international telecommunication standards. 

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