4 years
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Foreign students
USD 18,400
IDR 184,000,000
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About this course

Management of Telecommunication and Informatics Business(MBTI)  program study is the oldest study program in the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB ) Telkom University. Prior to joining the Telkom University, FEB is under Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) which was established in 2008. Previously IM Telkom was Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Bisnis Telkom (Telkom College of Business Management (STMB ) which was established in 2004. STMB Telkom previously named London School of Management (STMB) which was established in 1994. STMB is an expansion of an institution that organize MBA program only. It was  developed in 1990 under Telkom Education Foundation. Program study of MBTI was established in 1997 with 100 students as the first batch. This study program was set up with a very sharp focus namely management for the needs of Information & Communication Technology ( ICT ) industry that is an industry of PT Telkom. With a thick ICT color, then  graduates of MBTI study program are acceptable in the telecommunication industry and other industries that intensively use ICT in business processes. Accreditation : The results of the last assessment (2013) of MBTI Program study managed to get ‘A’ accreditation from National Accreditation Board of higher education. Specialty:1 . Has a clear focus that is supported by a curriculum that fits the needs of the telecommunication industry.2 . As an educational institution under PT Telkom,  MBTI program study get supports both directly or indirectly to the direction, resources , and quality of the educational process in MBTI study program.