4 years
Study mode
Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 5,600
IDR 56,000,000
Foreign students
USD 18,400
IDR 184,000,000
Other costs
Other costs apply

About this course

Mission of this course:

  1. Managing innovative and qualified education and science in the field of communication science in accordance with Tridharma or three responsibilities of Higher Education
  2. Preparing and empowering students to become professionals with high integrity and have entrepreneurial spirit in the field of Communication Studies Improving and developing the quality of Communication Science Program study in accordance with the needs of communication business.

Course competence:

  1. Master and be skillful in Communication Sciences in accordance with the related profession, both in internal and external environment
  2. Has managerial capabilities in the field of business communication.
  3. Has the ability to develop business strategies and creative communication in overcoming challenges and obstacles relating to communication business. Produce graduates who are capable and master all aspects related to broadcasting and marketing communications
  4. Has the soul and communication business vision by creating competitive business opportunities.

*This course is offered to local students only.
*Local (Indonesian) students admission fees: IDR 20,000,000

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant qualifications accepted by the university.