Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports and Recreation Management

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)
Hong Kong
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
Total tuition fee (local)
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Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 55,242

About this course

In recent years, a strong demand for sports and recreation professionals has been constituted by the rapid development of the sports and recreation industry in Hong Kong. This programme aims to provide students with a rigorous and intellectual programme of study; especially for those who wish to pursue or further advance their careers in the core areas of sports coaching, sports therapy, or recreation management. Through high-quality education and training; this programme not only emphasises the importance of theoretical knowledge, but also the development of students’ practical and professional skills through gaining work experiences in the industry, which is undertaken during Year 3 and Year 4. Students are expected to be professionally and/or clinically competent in their disciplines upon their graduation.  Students will specialise in one of the following three specialisations: (1) sports coaching, (2) sports therapy, and (3) recreation management. 

Sports Coaching Specialisation
This specialisation nurtures future sports coaches and sports scientists with the ability to enhance athletic performances with the most up-to-date knowledge of sports science and technology. A wide range of core modules are covered in this specialisation: coaching for both individual and team sports, performance measurement and analyses for both training and competition, sports biomechanics, sports psychology, strength and conditioning for sports performance, and talent identification in sports.

Sports Therapy Specialisation
This specialisation is accredited by The Society of Sports Therapists (SST) from the United Kingdom. Students undertaking this specialisation are recognised as student members of the SST and are trained professionally on-field and clinically, with the ability to recognise, prevent and treat sports injuries for athletes. This specialisation covers recognition and evaluation of sports injuries, peripheral and vertebral manual therapy, on-field emergency management, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation of sports injuries, also catering for the needs of the special populations.

Recreation Management Specialisation
THEi is the corporate member of the Hong Kong Recreation Management Association (HKRMA). Students undertaking this specialisation are advised to become student members of the HKRMA. This specialisation provides graduates with essential training in the core areas of recreation management, work-ready for both the commercial and public sector. Core Modules include sports media, sports and globalisation, communication and public relations, operation and management in clubhouse and spa, park, pool, and horticulture management, human resources and strategic management, and marketing management.

Entry Requirements

International Students:

  • Applicants with academic qualifications obtained in secondary or tertiary institutions outside Hong Kong will be assessed individually by the departments concerned.
  • IGCSE, GCE, International Baccalaureate (IB) or other overseas qualifications which are comparable with the required levels of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education will be accepted.
  • IELTS overall score at 6 or equivalent. 


Year 1:

  • Sports Skills Development – Individual Sports
  • Sports Skills Development – Team Sports
  • Sports Massage & Stretching
  • Introduction to Functional Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
  • Philosophy & Sociology in Sports & Recreation
  • Motor Learning & Control for Human Performance
  • Business Management Fundamentals
  • Law & Ethics in Sports & Recreation
  • GE Core Module: Chinese 1
  • GE Core Module: English for Academic Studies 1
  • GE Core Module: Creativity & Innovation in Society

Year 2:

  • Sports Skills Development – Aqua Sports
  • Nutrition for Health & Performance
  • Management of Sports Injuries
  • Events Planning & Management
  • Contemporary Issues in Volunteering Management
  • Adventure-based Recreation
  • Sports & Recreation for Selected Populations
  • Facilities Management in Sports & Recreation
  • GE Core Module: Technology, Society & Work
  • GE Core Module: Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • GE Elective Module 1 *

Year 3:

  • Fitness Coaching & Management
  • Research Methods & Statistics
  • GE Core Module: Chinese 2
  • GE Core Module: English for Academic Studies 2
  • GE Core Module: English for Professional Purposes
  • GE Elective Module 2 *
  • Programme Elective 1 *
  • Programme Elective 2 *

Programme Specialisation Modules:

  • Sports Coaching
    • Advanced Functional Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
    • Sports Coaching – Individual Sports
    • Strength & Conditioning for Sports Performance
    • Exercise Principles & Programming
  • Sports Therapy
    • Advanced Functional Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
    • Recognition & Evaluation of Sports Injuries
    • Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries
    • Strength & Conditioning for Sports Performance
  • Recreation Management
    • Sports Media, Communication & Public Relations
    • Marketing Management
    • Operation & Management in Clubhouse & Spa
    • Human Resources Management

Year 4:

  • Honours Project 1
  • Honours Project 2
  • GE Elective Module 3 *
  • GE Elective Module 4 *

Programme Specialisation Modules:

  • Sports Coaching
    • Performance Measurement & Analyses
    • Outdoor Sports Skills & Coaching
    • Sports Biomechanics
    • Sports Psychology
    • Sports Coaching – Team Sports
    • Talent Identification & Long-Term Development
  • Sports Therapy
    • Exercise Testing & Training for Sports Injury Prevention
    • Vertebral Manual Therapy
    • Peripheral Manual Therapy
    • Pitchside Emergency & Trauma Management
    • Rehabilitation of Special Populations
    • Professional Practice & Clinical Leadership in Sports Therapy
  • Recreation Management
    • Sports & Globalisation
    • Accounting for Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Park, Pool & Horticulture Management
    • Departmental Budgeting & Control OR 
      Customer Service Management
    • Staff Training & Development OR  Entrepreneurship

Programme Electives*

  • Sports Coaching
    • Sports Media, Communication & Public Relations
    • Operation & Management in Clubhouse & Spa
    • Sports & Globalisation
    • Park, Pool & Horticulture Management
    • Active & Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
    • Relaxation & Stress Management
  • Sports Therapy
    • Introduction to Professional Clinical Practice
    • Introduction of Exercise Testing & Training
  • Recreation Management
    • Sports Coaching – Individual Sports
    • Exercise Principles & Programming
    • Outdoor Sports Skills & Coaching
    • Sports Psychology
    • Active & Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
    • Relaxation & Stress Management

GE Elective Modules*

  • Effective Branding & Consumer Behaviour
  • Impact of Contemporary Design on Society
  • Living with Sustainable Materials
  • Landscape Appreciation
  • Urban Greenery & Ecology
  • Tree Safety Inspection & Climbing
  • Land Art
  • Asian Fashion Retail Marketing
  • Toy Design
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Action
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Self-marketing & Personal Branding
  • The Tourism Industry in Hong Kong
  • Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Essentials in People Management
  • Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture
  • FinTech Fundamentals
  • The Art of Professional Speaking
  • Guangdong Dim Sum Culinary Skills & Culture
  • Environment, Development & Sustainability
  • Urban Development in Hong Kong
  • Green & Intelligent Building
  • The Art & Science of Film
  • Housing Policy & Management
  • Safety & Quality of Consumer Products
  • Introduction to Astronomy
  • Renewable Energy & Its Application in Buildings
  • Buildings & Infrastructures Appreciation
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Implementation of Commercial & Industrial Project
  • Project Organisation Techniques
  • Traditional & New Construction Technologies in Mainland China
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Introduction to Concepts of New Engineering Contracts
  • Principles of Project Finance
  • Basics of Building Information Modelling
  • Introduction to Aircraft Technology
  • Hong Kong Society: Continuity & Change
  • Literature & Modern China
  • The Modern World: History & Culture
  • Language, Culture & Society
  • Translation in Everyday Life (English-Chinese)
  • Journey to the Exotic World of Microorganisms
  • Plants & Human Civilisations
  • Creative Writing in Chinese
  • Introduction to Spanish Language & Culture
  • Service Leadership in a New Era
  • Making Sense of Our World: Selected Topics in Sociology
  • Cantonese in Hong Kong Popular Culture
  • Beyond Hollywood: Introduction to World Cinema
  • Western Classical Music Appreciation
  • Hong Kong Literature: the Local, the Mainland & the World
  • Biographies in World History & Biographical Writing in Chinese
  • Introduction to French Language & Culture
  • Music Technology, Creativity & Production
  • Understanding Citizenship in the Modern World
  • Chinese as a Foreign Language & Culture
  • Introduction to Interpreting Skills (Cantonese-English)

* Modules offerings are subject to changes. 

Remark: Students are also required to complete the Work-integrated Learning module before a Bachelor Degree is awarded.

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