3 years
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USD 137,273
EUR 124,500
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USD 137,273
EUR 124,500
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About this course

Psychology is the empirical science of the experience, behaviour and consciousness of people. The B. Sc. Psychology programme imparts comprehensive theoretical, methodical and practical professional knowledge in a wide range of areas: general and cognitive psychology (e.g. perception, learning, memory, attentiveness, emotion, motivation, language, reasoning), biological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, personality psychology, psychological research methodology and statistics, psychological diagnostics, clinical psychology, work and organisational psychology, and educational psychology. A 23-week professional internship is integrated into the programme. The programme qualifies students for socially responsible psychological work in professional practice, primarily in health, social services and educational institutions and in business. In the process students will be qualified to carry out routine psychological occupations in a variety of professional fields. Successfully completing the B. Sc. Psychology programme represents an admission requirement for the M. Sc. Psychology programme, in which students acquire deeper theoretical, methodical and practical professional skills, which are necessary for working independently as a psychologist. Successfully completing the M. Sc. Psychology programme (at the moment offered by Universität Leipzig from the winter semester 2010/11) is a necessary qualification for continuing education measures e.g. to become a psychological psychotherapist.

Entry Requirements

In order to study at a German university, a prospective student must provide a Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (university admission qualification). German applicants acquire an Abitur (General Qualification for University Entrance certificate), which allows them to apply for a spot at a university. International applicants must determine if their secondary school graduation is equivalent to the German Abitur prior to applying to a university.

Students who meet the application requirements may otherwise improve their chance of admission depending on which study programme they apply for or by passing the Test for Academic Studies (TestAS).