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EUR 124,500
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About this course

Egyptology comprises classical and ancient studies. Teaching and research are concerned with languages and history, society, economics, religion, study of monuments, archaeology and literature of the Egypt of the Pharaohs from 5th - 1st millennium B.C., sometimes including its Graeco-Roman and Christian epochs up to the Arabian conquest in 641 A.D. The study programme comprises the field of language (Ancient, Middle and New Egyptian, Demotic, Coptic) and the field of culture (history, religion, study of monuments and archaeology, literature, economics and administration). Since the public museum and the university institute are at one location, the study of Egyptology in Leipzig is very closely associated with the museum and also oriented in some areas to specific museological aspects.

Entry Requirements

In order to study at a German university, a prospective student must provide a Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (university admission qualification). German applicants acquire an Abitur (General Qualification for University Entrance certificate), which allows them to apply for a spot at a university. International applicants must determine if their secondary school graduation is equivalent to the German Abitur prior to applying to a university.

Students who meet the application requirements may otherwise improve their chance of admission depending on which study programme they apply for or by passing the Test for Academic Studies (TestAS).

For the bachelor programme: English B1 and French B1 (proof can be provided up to the end of the 4th semester)