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About this course

Computer science is the science of systematic information processing - in particular the automatic processing with the aid of digital computers (computers). The computer science explores the basic procedures of the information processing and the general methods of use of such mechanical processes in various fields and attempts to derive by abstraction and modeling of specific circumstances general laws. From this they developed standard solutions for use in practice. It helps in managing large amounts of data and information, it allows for the control of complex production processes, it is an important tool in the research.

Therefore, the computer science concerned with:

  • the structure of the operation, the skills and the design principles of information processing systems
  • Structures, properties and description possibilities of information and information processing
  • Ways of structuring, formalization and mathematization of application areas as well as modeling and simulation.

It studies attacking on the efficiency of the process and about the meaning and benefits of their use in practice an important role. 
Computer science, along with communications engineering one of the cornerstones of information technology, which in turn is one of the current and future key technologies.Information technology has a special role, because it is a cross-sectional technology which is an essential tool for achieving efficiency and productivity gains and quality improvement in many different technology areas.

Application areas of computer science and information technology are z. B. energy savings, alternative technologies, humanisation of work, improving public services, improvement of information and communication, reductions in working hours, etc. The development opportunities are as varied and numerous that a huge increase in applications and a penetration of computer science is to foresee in all areas of business and management, and in many areas of public and private life.

The central purpose of studying computer science is the training of the ability to develop models to describe complex systems to identify the most important factors right to systematically algorithmic solutions for detailed problems and produce practical operational application systems.

The master's degree computer science aims existing (information technology) to deepen skills as well as to widen. The deepening of algorithmic and mathematical skills is an essential basis for the structural thinking which will be expanded in this degree program further. This ability improves both analytical skills as well as the design and implementation skills that have been acquired to relevant bachelor program.


Entry Requirements

Prerequisite for the opening of the master program is a bachelor's degree in relevant field or an equivalent degree.

For enrollment must be evidenced by a certificate stating that the conditions are met for receiving a master's degree program in accordance with examination regulations and study skills Statute.

Linguistic Proficiency

According to the study qualification statutes following linguistic conditions that have to be detected at enrollment are:
  • If German neither mother tongue nor college admission or first professional degree acquired in the German language, are to demonstrate knowledge of German, which the "German language examination for university entrance (DSH)", according to General Regulations as decided by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) of 30 May 1995, in as amended by Decision of the 190th plenary (21./22.02.2000) of HRK correspond; this burden of proof does not apply if all the courses of the master program are given in English.
  • If English not first language is, even college admission or first professional degree was earned in English, are demonstrated knowledge of English, the TOEFL® ITP (Paper-based test): 550 points, Cambridge Proficiency, Oxford Higher Certificate, International Certificate Conference ICC Stage 3 (Technical) or IELTS 6.0 correspond; this burden of proof does not apply if all courses of the Master's program will be held in German.

Graduates of CAU Bachelor program, building on this master and for the required conditions were already prove these requirements must not show again.