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Entry Requirements

Prerequisite for the opening of the master program is a bachelor's degree in relevant field or an equivalent degree.

For enrollment must be evidenced by a certificate stating that the conditions are met for receiving a master's degree program in accordance with examination regulations and study skills Statute.

Linguistic Proficiency

According to the study qualification statutes following linguistic conditions that have to be detected at enrollment are:
  • If German neither mother tongue nor college admission or first professional degree acquired in the German language, are to demonstrate knowledge of German, which the "German language examination for university entrance (DSH)", according to General Regulations as decided by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) of 30 May 1995, in as amended by Decision of the 190th plenary (21./22.02.2000) of HRK correspond; this burden of proof does not apply if all the courses of the master program are given in English.
  • If English not first language is, even college admission or first professional degree was earned in English, are demonstrated knowledge of English, the TOEFL® ITP (Paper-based test): 550 points, Cambridge Proficiency, Oxford Higher Certificate, International Certificate Conference ICC Stage 3 (Technical) or IELTS 6.0 correspond; this burden of proof does not apply if all courses of the Master's program will be held in German.

Graduates of CAU Bachelor program, building on this master and for the required conditions were already prove these requirements must not show again.


The single-subject master's degree in computer science with the degree of Master of Science is based on a single-subject bachelor's degree in computer science.

The study volume comprises 120 credits and about 80 hours per week.

The study consists of the following areas:

  • Wahlpflichtmodule computer science to the extent of 60-65 LP 
    The module handbook of computer science lists the Wahlpflichtmodule computer science. These modules are usually of a lecture with an accompanying exercise.Modules which have been introduced already in the Bachelor's degree program, can not be occupied again. 
    Some elective modules are as to the areas of theoretical computer science or computer science Practical expelled belonging. To ensure a sufficient width of the master program, students must pay at least 12 credits in each of these areas.
  • Except Professional main electives in the amount of 10-15 LP 
    In this area students can choose to Kiel any modules which can not be occupied in another section of this course from the full range of Christian-Albrechts-University. 
    In addition to a free choice of any modules the choice of a coordinated minor subject possible. The minor subject can both have consecutive character and continue the same minor subject from the bachelor degree program or a new introductory minor.The possible side compartments with the compulsory courses for modules can be found in the module handbook. Other minor subjects can be determined in consultation with the audit committee of the chosen subject and the audit committee computer science. The sum of the credits of the choice of computer science and the non-technical elective subjects must give a total of 75 credits.
  • Seminar module for computer science in the amount of 5 LP 
    The aim of the seminar module is a self-examination of scientific topics in computer science, writing scientific texts and the presentation of scientific results. The module handbook of computer science lists the seminars of the master program computer science.
  • Master project for computer science in 10 CP 
    goal of the master project is the intensive, practical analysis of a current topic in computer science. Content should be in particular the areas problem analysis, specification and implementation. The master project is usually done as a group work, so that in addition to the technical subject matter aspects of group and project work are learned. The results of the master project will be presented at a lecture.
  • Master thesis of 30 credits 
    the completion of the master program is the Master's thesis. The processing time is 6 months.

The Institute of computer science as an additional option to offer modules in the following categories:

  • Research project (participation in a working group) in the amount of up to 10 LP 
    To introduce students already during the master's program at the research, you can acquire as part of the work in a research group of the Institute up to 10 credits. The employees must be documented in a project report and a project diary.
  • Project Group in the amount of up to 20 LP 
    A variant of the master project represents the project group will be processed in which complex tasks over a period of two semesters. This results in the opportunity to perform a more detailed problem analysis and specification. A combination with a master project is possible. 
    Students can choose the project group as an alternative to the master project.Alternatively, it is also possible to students, either a second seminar, a research project or a second master project to be completed. The additional credits earned will be credited to the area Wahlpflichtmodule computer science, but not replace modules of theoretical or practical computer science.

Students are advised a stay abroad. Because there is no compulsory modules in the master program, all semester are equally suitable. The processing of the thesis is possible abroad.

The single-subject master in computer science is concluded with module examinations and a Master's thesis. The test is passed if at least 120 credits have been acquired.

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