BSc - Business Administration

University of Kiel
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
April October
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Entry Requirements

General university

The university entrance is acquired by, among other things:

  • the school in general education schools,
  • the school to vocational high schools (with a second foreign language).

The general university authorized to study all subjects at the university. 

Subject-specific higher education

The technical university is a higher education qualification, which entitles them to study in certain subjects or courses of study at universities 
in contrast to the general university entrance includes the technical university (the qualification for high school), only one foreign language. the technical university is to generally by the audit:

  • a two-year vocational high school ( vocational high school regulation ),
  • an academy,
  • some vocational schools,
  • Professional colleges or
  • a gifted test  


The bachelor's program addresses the theoretical, general and methodical fundamentals of business administration. It is designed to give students a basic knowledge of business administration, economics, techniques of corporate accounting, law and mathematics and statistics.

The students should be taught the ability to recognize economic and analyze problems, develop solutions and evaluate and implement these solutions and to monitor results. The training for generalists with professional gravity education takes precedence over the training of specialists.

The program comprises modules from the following areas: Business Administration, Economics, Quantitative Fundamentals, law for economists and for profiling range.

The Bachelor examination is taken concurrently using a credit transfer system, must be purchased at the while studying 180 credit points (CP). Credit points are firstly under acquired by courses in which examinations are to be performed, on the other hand by the preparation of a thesis, whose processing time is 9 weeks. 
To Bachelor thesis can be approved, who has acquired through module examinations in compulsory and elective modules at least 100 credits , Furthermore, admission requirement that the examinations for the compulsory modules, which are provided according to the course schedule in the first two semesters, must have been successfully completed.

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