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About this course

The Business Administration (BWL) is - like economics (VWL) - a branch of economics. It examines and explains the terms and features of enterprises and companies of the manufacturing sector, commerce and the banking industry, transport, public economy and the insurance industry. The key for an operating variables (resources, labor, work processes, raw material procurement and sales) are detected and determined their interdependencies in terms of profitability. The corporate governance (management) is responsible for developing and enforcing all substantial decisions in a company, even in an international context. 
The effort correlations to quantify and the fact that decisions are computer-assisted preparation, have the importance of mathematics and computer science for business administration to let something grow. At the same time the business administration is closely linked to the commercial practice. A similar teaching can therefore be useful for the study and future careers.

There is a close relationship between business administration and economics. Because of his many professional activities accessible, it seems sensible to renounce too early specialization in the study, as for entrepreneurial leadership positions both operational knowledge and the ability to be required to incorporate this knowledge into the overall economy. This that the duty areas in business studies and economics are largely identical reasons.

In the compulsory courses of the first four terms of content and methodology foundations are laid in the field of business administration and economics (see Curriculum). 
Students have the opportunity

  • to form a business focus (from the fourth semester) and
  • within the profiling range to choose more detailed events in economics and the management techniques. In addition, the students are free, access to the modules of the Centre for Key Qualifications (ZfS).

Personal Inclinations

Interest in economic relationships, good general education, perseverance, hard work and concentration ability, good communication skills, ability to logical thinking.

Entry Requirements

General university

The university entrance is acquired by, among other things:

  • the school in general education schools,
  • the school to vocational high schools (with a second foreign language).

The general university authorized to study all subjects at the university. 

Subject-specific higher education

The technical university is a higher education qualification, which entitles them to study in certain subjects or courses of study at universities 
in contrast to the general university entrance includes the technical university (the qualification for high school), only one foreign language. the technical university is to generally by the audit:

  • a two-year vocational high school ( vocational high school regulation ),
  • an academy,
  • some vocational schools,
  • Professional colleges or
  • a gifted test