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About this course

The students of Agricultural Sciences will be offered a very versatile program, which includes both scientific and technical as well as economic and social science subjects.The degree program Agricultural Sciences is engaged in the production of food and raw materials in consideration of efficiency, quality and sustainability. The entire value chain from primary production is included to the consumer with. In addition, issues of land use are treated under integration of the environment.

In the second half of the bachelor's program followed by a specialization in disciplines Crop Science, Animal Sciences, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness or environmental sciences. The Bachelor of Science can be achieved in the normal period. It offers the possibility, then reach another science-based specialization program by two years comprehensive Master of Science.

Personal Inclinations

Interest in science and economics subjects.

Entry Requirements

General university

The university entrance is acquired by, among other things:

  • the school in general education schools,
  • the school to vocational high schools (with a second foreign language).

The general university authorized to study all subjects at the university. 

Subject-specific higher education

. The technical university is a higher education qualification, which entitles them to study in certain subjects or courses of study at universities 
in contrast to the general university entrance includes the technical university (the qualification for high school), only one foreign language. the technical university is to generally by the audit:

  • a two-year vocational high school 
  • an academy,
  • some vocational schools,
  • Professional colleges or
  • a gifted test