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Apr Oct
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About this course

The bachelor program English Studies  /  North American Studies gives a detailed overview of the structure and development of the English language and the literature of Britain and North America in the cultural-historical context. The students are familiarized based on selected problem areas and issues with the essential linguistic and literary theories and methods. In this way they not only acquire the culture and history of mentalities basic knowledge and the central linguistic skills the ability to transfer them to a later occupation to other issues and apply scientifically reflected. In the course of studying also the mastery of English is brought to a level that allows a differentiated communication in oral and written form.

Personal Inclinations

Interest in language, literature and media

Entry Requirements

General university

The university entrance is acquired by, among other things:

  • the school in general education schools,
  • the school to vocational high schools (with a second foreign language).

The general university authorized to study all subjects at the university. 


Subject-specific higher education

The technical university is a higher education qualification, which entitles them to study in certain subjects or courses of study at universities 
in contrast to the general university entrance includes the technical university (the qualification for high school), only one foreign language. the technical university is to generally by the audit:

  • a two-year vocational high school ( vocational high school regulation ),
  • an academy,
  • some vocational schools,
  • Professional colleges or
  • a gifted test