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The Nutritional Sciences (Trophologie) are an interdisciplinary subject, which focuses on nutrition, and this entails processes in the human body are necessary to the preservation of human health and performance, as well as for healthy aging. The subject is in contrast to Ökotrophologie aligned (domestic and nutritional sciences) scientific and biomedical. You will learn across disciplines and with high scientific claim various aspects of nutrition in molecular, cellular and organismal level.

 To make this possible, in the first cycle (1st and 2nd year) are taught in a comprehensive scientific and biomedical basic training interdisciplinary knowledge in the disciplines of nutritional science. These include not only molecular and human biology, nutritional physiology and toxicology, human nutrition, nutritional biochemistry and metabolism, food hygiene, chemistry and technology, the basic subjects of physics, mathematics, biostatistics, chemistry and microbiology. The second phase (3rd year) made possible by a wide range of advanced modules for consideration of individual professional interests, the depression of a nutritional center of gravity, the orientation and qualification to an appropriate professional field and their preparedness for consecutive master degree programs with appropriate technical orientations.