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About this course

The ultimate goal of physics is to provide a comprehensive explanation of the inanimate aspects of nature on the basis of a small number of very general principles.  It has close relationships to mathematics, as physicists make use of the language and results of mathematics while issues in physics pose challenges that drive development in mathematical thinking.  Hence, it plays a significant role in technical advancement and basic research in physics has shaped human view of the world.

The Master's degree programme builds on the contents of the Bachelor's programme and is more research-orientated. The aim of the Master's degree programme is for students to gain academic skills that enable them to carry out independent research in physics and solve problems in engineering, economics and finance using the methods of physics. The Master of Science in Physics is equivalent to the Diploma previously awarded by German universities. 

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with above-average success

Language requirements    

  • Good English proficiency at GER C1 level, or 90 points in TOEFL iBT, or 6.5 in IELTS, or Business English Certificate (BEC) Higher OR
  • Proof of German proficiency DSH-1 (oral) and DSH-2 (written)