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Apr Oct
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About this course

The objective of the study of art at the University of Erfurt is to comprehend art as part of a culture localized in a societal context. The intense focus on artistic practice, art history/art theory, and art didactics allows students to try out, analyze, and methodically work on various esthetic and artistic modes of perception, thinking, and expression from different angles.

Entry Requirements

  • General university or technical university or a similar educational background
  • Successful completion of an aptitude test
    • For aptitude test 20 - 30 own artistic works that have emerged in the last two years to bring. The work should provide an insight into his own confrontation with diverse artistic problems.
    • For aptitude test (an A4 page max.) On your own motivation is a short text submitted. One should ask the main question: Why do I want to deal with art?
    • The conduct of the examination will be as follows: The artistic works are presented for inspection . During the review of the submitted work ( portfolio review ) participants / inside were absent. Loosen the participants / inside two artistic- practical tasks ( time : about 2 1/2 hours) Nature study / drawing of a built-up Still life / Arrangements
    • Processing a set theme.