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The present social change questions industrial-social values, life forms, working- and organisation forms. In all areas of life the results of an increasing flexibility can be observed: The globalisation of the markets changes the conditions and structural conditions on enterprise and employees. 
Occupational images are subjected to a radical change by the increasing informalisation and mechanisation, they disappear completely or have to be conceived. The expansion that comes with it from the service company puts new requirements for the professional selfmanagement and for enterprise initiative. 
In the service society employment increases under precarious conditions. Subsequently phenomena of the deregulation and delimitation appear. Research, science and education are requested to pay their contribution in view of the radical changes to the coping of the problem positions. Beside the investigation of the effect connections of the flexibility the question for resources for a new regulation and for a creation of this connection on economic, organisational and psychosocial level are justified.

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completion of studies at the Bachelor's level