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About this course

Budding business mathematicians  who study mathematics with an integrated university training in economics and computer science. They already learn during their studies to apply their mathematical knowledge in economic contexts usefully using advanced information technology. As graduates, they are estimated in the insurance and financial sector, in industry and in public administrations for their abstraction and their safety in logical thinking. Through their ability to understand economic problems and mathematical modeling and to make with the help of IT technology complex relationships quantitatively evaluated, they contribute substantially to the economic success of their employers.

After a sound mathematical education students learn mathematical application areas with relevance to the economics know such. As stochastics, statistics, optimization, and numerical analysis. It also carried out a detailed examination of areas of mathematics, the application-oriented free choice both can also be done in basic research priorities. The economics with freely selectable modules of economics and business administration comprise about 20% of the study performance. Also about 20% of the total study account for computer science, it deals with algorithms, data structures and databases. A further deepening of one or more application areas is already possible in the Bachelor. 

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