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Bachelor of science in Engineering Science

Technische Universität München
Munich, Germany
Bachelor's Degree
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Entry Requirements

Certificates of aptitude for higher education make it possible to pursue any of the courses of study offered at the universities and technical colleges or university in all of the states of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Among other things, the following certificates are considered as qualification for admission to higher education:

  • secondary school certificate (school-leaving examination or high school diploma)
  • certificate from a comprehensive school with senior grammar school
  • certificate of subject-related qualification for admission to higher education from an upper vocational school in conjunction with an auxiliary examination to obtain general qualification for admission to higher education
  • certificate regarding successful final examination for a course of studies at a technical college (FH diploma)
  • If a certificate has been obtained outside of Bavaria, then it is additionally required that a certificate from a state or state recognized school and/or university has been submitted, that the certificate is recognized as verification of general qualification for admission to higher education in the country of origin and was obtained at an instructional facility equivalent to those in Bavaria after completion of an equivalent course of education with equivalent performance requirements.



Compulsory modules in the first to 4 Semester

The compulsory modules in the first four semesters include a total of 129 ECTS. They provide a broad-based, method-oriented education in general engineering, the sciences, mathematics and computer science.

Academic performance in the first to 4 Semester

In the field study of supplementary services are a total of 16 ECTS to provide, inter alia in the areas of "soft skills", "Philosophy of Engineering", "scientific work" and "Entrepreneurship".

Elective Modules "deepening" in 5th and 6 Semester

The elective "depression" includes 25 ECTS. Here are the students eight modules, each with 5 ECTS to choose from, from which they can select a total of five modules individually. These optional modules are used for in-depth development of a general-engineering profile.

Optional modules "focusing" on the 5th and 6 Semester

A special part of the Bachelor Engineering (Engineering Science) are the well-modules from the Block "focussing" dar. here can provide the students with a completely custom-designed curriculum using a minimum of 28 ECTS. A series of model curricula is given as a guide and was adjusted so that a smooth transition is possible in a variety of interdisciplinary or traditional master's programs at the TUM.

Bachelor's Thesis

The bachelor's thesis is the extent of 12 ECTS is the thesis of the program and is the first independent scientific work in a specialist subject that provided by high school teachers, supervised and evaluated.


Compulsory modules (1st - 4th semester): 129 ECTS
 Module NameModulnr.Form of instructionSemesterSWSECTS



Mathematical Foundations MA9801 L / E WS (1.Sem.) 5/2 8



Physics PH9021 L / E WS / SS (1st and 2nd. Semester) 5/3 9



Chemistry CH1204 L / E WS / SS (1st and 2nd. Semester) 3/2 7



Engineering Mechanics I MW1406 L / E WS (1.Sem.) 3/2 6



Engineering Informatics I IN8011 L / E WS (1.Sem.) 2/3 5



Digital circuits EI4282 L / E WS (1.Sem.) 2/1 4



Differential and integral calculus MA9802 L / E SS (2.Sem.) 5/2 8



Engineering Mechanics II MW1409 L / E SS (2.Sem.) 3/2 6



Design techniques for integrated circuits EI4381 L / E SS (2.Sem.) 2/1 4



Computer Aided Modeling of Products and Processes BV440002 L / E / P WS / SS (2nd +3. Semester) 4/2 8



Modeling and simulation of ordinary differential equations MA9803 L / E WS (3.Sem.) 3/2 6



Materials Sciene I MW1121 L / E WS (3.Sem.) 4/1 6



Continuum Mechanics MW1405 L / E WS (3.Sem.) 4/2 7



Thermodynamics MW1408 L / E WS (3.Sem.) 3/1 5



Signal representation EI2582 L / E WS (3.Sem.) 3/1 5



Numerical treatment of partial differential equations MA9804 L / E SS (4.Sem.) 2/1 5



Materials Science II MW1122 L / E SS (4.Sem.) 3/2 6



Bionics WZ8101 L / E SS (4.Sem.) 2/2 5



Fluid and Structural Mechanics   L / E SS (4.Sem.) 2/1 5



Heat Transfer MW1410 L / E SS (4.Sem.) 2/1 5



Engineering Informatics II IN8012 V SS (4.Sem.) 3 5



Control Engineering EI5182 L / E SS (4.Sem.) 2/1 4


Academic performance (1st - 4th semester): 16 ECTS
 Module NameModulnr.Form of instructionSemesterSWSCredits
A Basics of business start WI000809 V WS / SS (1st and 2nd. Semester) 2 4
2 Introduction to Research Methods   V WS / SS (1st-4.Sem.) 4 6
3 World of Engineering MW1559 V SS (1st-4.Sem.) A 2
4 Soft Skills   V WS / SS (1st-4.Sem.) 2 2
5 Philosophy of Science ED0085 V WS (1.Sem.) 2 2
Elective "depression" (5th - 6th Semester): 25 ECTS
 Module NameModulnr.Form of instructionSemesterSWSCredits



Algorithms of Partial Differential Equations BV440001 L / E WS (5.Sem.) 2/1 5



Geometric Modeling and Visualization IN8013 L / E WS (5.Sem.) 2/1 5



Material Modeling   L / E WS (5.Sem.) 2/1 5



Computational Solid and Fluid Dynamics MW1407 L / E WS (5.Sem.) 2/1 5



Process Engineering of Biosystems and Biomaterials WZ8102 L / E SS (6.Sem.) 2/1 5



Embedded networked systems IN8014 L / E WS (5.Sem.) 2/1 5



Systems Engineering IN8015 L / E SS (6.Sem.) 2/1 5



Digital and Virtual Engineering MW1404 L / E SS (6.Sem.) 2/1 5


Choosing the "focus" (5th - 6th Semester): 28 ECTS
  Individual curriculum or curriculum-matched samples    
Bachelor's Thesis (6 semester): 12 ECTS
  Bachelor's Thesis                        

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