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Bachelor of Architecture

Technische Universität München
Munich, Germany
Bachelor's Degree
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Entry Requirements

Certificates of aptitude for higher education make it possible to pursue any of the courses of study offered at the universities and technical colleges or university in all of the states of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Among other things, the following certificates are considered as qualification for admission to higher education:

  • secondary school certificate (school-leaving examination or high school diploma)
  • certificate from a comprehensive school with senior grammar school
  • certificate of subject-related qualification for admission to higher education from an upper vocational school in conjunction with an auxiliary examination to obtain general qualification for admission to higher education
  • certificate regarding successful final examination for a course of studies at a technical college (FH diploma)
  • If a certificate has been obtained outside of Bavaria, then it is additionally required that a certificate from a state or state recognized school and/or university has been submitted, that the certificate is recognized as verification of general qualification for admission to higher education in the country of origin and was obtained at an instructional facility equivalent to those in Bavaria after completion of an equivalent course of education with equivalent performance requirements.



The Bachelor of Architecture is aligned to 8 semesters of full-time study. The first four semesters are used to create a common basis in the training of perceptual and design assets, the methodology of architectural design as well as in teaching the basic principles of science and technology and humanities and social science disciplines. They are therefore mainly influenced by subjects. in each 20 hours per week totaling 30 credits are core subjects design, town planning, building design, history and theory, Presentation and Design, Digital form finding, among other things taught. The design plays a central role. This is expressed by the scope of six SWS project work, coupled with a short draft (mid-term) from. Thematically assigned lectures and exercises support this project immediately block. both in the Rule 5 and 6Followed by a semester studying at a partner university abroad. The Department of International Relations, Faculty of Architecture advises and assists students in selecting the partner university. As part of a competition for academic performance, personal skills and motivation of each student is taught to a total of over 70 international partner universities. In order not to overload the students abroad, per semester, a scope of 20 credits provided. The partnerships are agreements with the respective partner university to basically determine the number of incoming students and the length of stay. In addition, the curricula of the partner universities are closely aligned with the curriculum of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Munich. In the 7th and 8Semester to deepen the previously brokered basis and expanded. In the 7thSemester are available for project work several chairs with varying themes to choose from. The other subjects are defined as optional modules to provide students with a personal focus formation. In the 8th Semester is the Bachelor's thesis with the final colloquium totaling 12 +3 credits completed. For admission to the Bachelor's thesis to prove an internship of 8 weeks (construction and / or architects) is required.

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