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About this course

At Heidelberg University Geography can be studied in a variety of B.Sc. courses and in a Teaching Degree programme. Standard course duration for the former is 6 semesters, for the latter 10 semesters.

  • In the Bachelor courses, students graduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree
  • In the Teaching Degree programme, students graduate with a certificate confirming they have passed the Academic Examination for Teachers at Higher Secondary Schools (“State Examination”).

In the B.Sc. course in Geography as a (sole) main subject (100%), largely modelled on the earlier Diploma programme, the major focus is on geographic content; approx. 25% of the student workload is accounted for by neighbouring subjects (this replaces the former subsidiary subjects).

The B.Sc. course in Geography as a subsidiary subject (25%) can be taken by students with different main subjects. Emphasis will vary according to the geographical content relevant for the main subject in question.

One traditional feature of the Geography programmes in Heidelberg has been adopted in the new B.Sc. courses for main-course students as well: the balance between physical geography and human geography. Another characteristic of the B.Sc. courses is their special emphasis on the methodologies relevant for the subject.

Entry Requirements

  • Higher-education entrance qualification
  • Good German-language knowledge.
    • The “Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)” is the German language proficiency examination required for admission to universities