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About this course

Product development is the process of entirely planning and prototyping novel technical systems. It ranges from finding the product profile to creating a concept, designing, making prototypes, testing and validating. The actual manufacturing phase follows subsequently and is the second and final stage of the product creation process. Thus, product development is certainly one of the core means of adding value in companies and is crucial for their success through innovation. Creativity and performance potential define the success of product development.

Participants of the master program Management of Product Development (MPD) are able to analyse, design, operate and implement the product development process in their companies in an optimized way by means of acquired research- and application-oriented methods and processes. Based on an integrated approach to product creation processes, the graduates can successfully implement innovative ideas and innovation into competitive products, whereas they draw a special focus on major criteria like customized product solutions, reduction of production costs as well as optimization of quality standards.

Furthermore, they are capable to accompany and further innovation processes by means of creativity techniques. Finally, due to the increasing performance and competition pressure in product development, graduates can counteract shorter development times and product life cycles with appropriate methods and techniques. On top Management of Product Development shares five management modules with the other master programs.

This foster the network across branches and provides the participants with general knowledge in finance, accounting, marketing, international multiproject management, international law, and human resource management. By this they can consider the commercial implications of project decisions and develop a holistic view.  

Entry Requirements

  • An academic degree: e.g. Bachelor, Master, or Diploma
  • 1-2 years work experience (depending on the first degree´s level; recommended > 3 years)  
  • TOEFL score of at least 230 or 90 iBT