2 years
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USD 33,078
EUR 30,000
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USD 33,078
EUR 30,000
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About this course

A world without electronic and embedded systems is not imaginable any more. Whether in cars, mobile phones or energy systems: electronic systems and components are crucial for the viability and development in many essential areas of life. The situation is that new technologies enable new applications but the currently used processes, methods and tools only to a certain extent support the development of those innovative systems. As a consequence the master program Electronic Systems Engineering & Management covers the demands in this vital field and prepares high potential professionals for the challenges of today and the future.

Engineers for embedded systems need to master the development of mechanics, electronics, and, increasingly, software. In this program, professionals will learn state-of the-art engineering methods on the complete process of embedded systems engineering, also taking into consideration the worldwide release and configuration management in today’s globalized industry.

Participants of this master program will get used to new and already established methods (e.g. V-model, OO, agile) and learn more about maturity models and upcoming standards (CMMI, SPICE, ISO 26262), tools and techniques for model-based development (e.g. Matlab, SysML), rapid prototyping, simulation based validation using XiL techniques (e.g. PROVEtech), HW/SW synthesis, and embedded operating systems (including AUTOSAR).

Components for realisation data communication technologies and the final integration complete the story. On top the Electronic Systems Engineering & Management shares five management modules with the other master programs. This fosters the network cross-branches and provides the participants with general knowledge in finance, accounting, marketing, international multiproject management, international law, and human resource management. By this they can consider the commercial implications of project decisions and develop a holistic view. 

Entry Requirements

  •  An academic degree: e.g. Bachelor, Master, or Diploma
  • 1-2 years work experience (depending on the first degree´s level; recommended > 3 years)
  • TOEFL score of at least 230 or 90 iBT