2 years
Feb Sep
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USD 44,104
EUR 40,000
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USD 44,104
EUR 40,000
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About this course

A broad range of industries require professionals who are trained in designing, organizing  and managing complex supply chain networks. Understanding your suppliers and supply chain risks is critical since their performance has a direct impact on a company’s ability to produce and deliver. The ability to manage supply chains is therefore fundamental to success in the  global economy.

Students of Supply Chain Engineering and Management learn how to initiate, maintain and restructure business processes, understand market dynamics and acquire modern leadership skills. They explore the relationships that create value for multiple stakeholders across organizations and cultures. Thus, the program perfectly matches needs within industry and beyond.

Students are offered a tailor-made curriculum consisting of seminars, workshops, excursions, tutorials, interactive case studies, exercises and online lectures using both group and self-study. Courses are aimed at problem familiarization, analysis skills and rational decision making. The curriculum represents a careful balance of learning, research and practical coordination.