1 year
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 27,565
EUR 25,000
Foreign students
USD 27,565
EUR 25,000
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About this course

The Medical Preparatory (MedPrep) Year is designed for students with a passion for medicine and who have their sights set on pursuing a medical degree. Students acquire fundamental  knowledge in medical studies and natural sciences, gain hands-on experience in laboratory  courses and medical internships, and improve their prospects for getting into medical school.

The two-semester pre-degree program is taught in both English and German. It provides a professional qualification timeline for gaining  admission to medical schools in Germany and other attractive study locations in Europe. The program also facilitates being admitted to other health care-related programs of study, such as Clinical Psychology or Public Health. The curriculum includes individual application training as well as entrance exam preparation for formats such as TMS, HamNAT and MedAT. International admission testing for the SAT is also included.

MedPrep students are able to take full advantage of the many learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. They will attend  challenging undergraduate classes in the natural sciences, participate in professional skills  courses covering topics such as medical ethics, patient consultation and academic learning,  and sharpen their intercultural skills.