1 year
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 25,359
EUR 23,000
Foreign students
USD 25,359
EUR 23,000
Other costs
Other costs apply

About this course

Jacobs University’s Foundation Year Program allows students to explore different fields of study and equips them with academic learning skills before they embark on a degree. The program, which runs for two semesters, is tailored to students’ individual academic interests and offers orientation possibilities in engineering, computer science, the natural sciences, social sciences, economics and management.

Students are introduced to scientific methods and can take preparatory courses in English, mathematics, science and technology based on their own preferences. Foundation Year students may also enroll in regular undergraduate classes and earn transferable ECTS credits that can be used towards the completion of a degree at Jacobs, or at another recognized university. The program fosters academic, social and intercultural skills in students, and equips them with the academic prerequisites for pursuing successful careers in a wide range of fields.
The program is taught in English.