2 years
Feb Sep
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USD 44,104
EUR 40,000
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USD 44,104
EUR 40,000
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About this course

Big data has turned out to have tremendous  potential, but poses major challenges at the same time. On the one hand, big data is driving  the next stage of technological innovation  and scientific discovery. On the other hand, the global volume of data is growing at a pace which seems to be hard to control. Faced with these prospects and risks, the world requires  a new generation of data specialists. The Data  Engineering program offers a fascinating and profound insight into the methods and technologies of big data. It is concerned with foundational and advanced approaches to data acquisition, data management and data analysis. Students take a tailor-made curriculum consisting of lectures, tutorials, laboratory training and hands-on projects. In addition, students have an excellent chance of working in paid industry and research projects during the program.