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About this course

The Master’s program in Finance, Accounting, Taxation & Supplements (FACTS Master) aims at enhancing the students’ skills in the fields of Finance, Accounting (financial and managerial accounting as well as auditing), Taxation and Supplements (above all law and adjacent fields of business administration), focussing on a scholarly foundation as well as on practical orientation.

Besides the metropolitan ambience of the capital, guaranteeing a comfortable lifestyle complying with all of the students’ demands in a colorful city, the FACTS-Master’s program in Berlin provides many advantages for a successful career entry due, above all, to the presence of relevant companies and important institutions:

For instance, the Chamber of Public Auditors (Wirtschaftsprüferkammer), the German Chamber of Tax Consultants (Bundessteuerberaterkammer), the German Ministry of Finance (Bundesfinanzministerium), and the Accounting Standards Committee of Germany(Deutsches Rechnungslegungs Standards Committee) have their headquarters in Berlin.

Leading auditing and tax consultancy companies - throughout Germany as well as internationally -, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, or Deloitte, maintain central offices in the German capital. Moreover, KPMG and RöverBrönner have their headquarters here.

It is the various presentations of the Dahlem Lectures on FACTS and also the immediate integration of practitioners into the lecture program that facilitate the establishment of contacts between students and professionals throughout the course of studies.

The limited number of participants of 40 students per period enables the lecturers to provide the students with individual and high-quality support. One of the largest universities in Germany, Freie Universität Berlin can offer a broad and interdisciplinary program of study.

Entry Requirements

  • Completed academic degree in Economics, Business or Legal Sciences (Bachelor or comparable) with
  • At least 180  ECTS in total (the Credit Points for each Moule have to be written on the Transcript of Records)

Until the end of the application deadline you need to have at least 2/3 of all expected ECTS of your Bachelor degree.

  • and a minimum of 45 ECTS points in 
    • Business Taxation
    • Business Finance 
    • Public Finance
    • Financial/managerial Accounting
    • Related legal areas (e.g. Commercial Law, Corporate Law)

Until the end of the application peroid you need to show at least 30 ECTS in those areas.

  • as well as a minimum of 18 ECTS points in Basics of: 
    • Mathematics (a minimum of 6 ECTS points)
    • Statistics/Econometrics (a minimum of 6 ECTS points)
    • Information Systems
  • and a minimum of 6 ECTS points in microeconomics

In mathematics and statistics a minimum of 12 ECTS points has to be proven until the end of the application period.

  • the proof of your ability to use scholarly methods to deal with economic or legal subjects with professional guidance. Evidence has to be produced by handing in the final thesis of your first academic degree or a comparable work (at least 15 pages).

The required level of English language skills is B2 GER. This conforms to the state of knowledge that is usually acquired within seven years of English studies at German schools. A German University Entrance Qualification can therefore be sufficient evidence.

All other students have to pass a TOEFL or comparable English language test. 

All foreign students have to prove adequate German language skills. Applicants will be considered as foreign students if they are not a German citizen and have not completed their first academic degree in Germany. We make exceptions for students from Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.