5 months
Mar Sep
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USD 661
EUR 600
Foreign students
USD 661
EUR 600
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About this course

LinkEd is the e-learning platform for development finance at Franfurt School of Finance & Management. With LinkEd, Franfurt School's Education programmes can be accessed from all over the world, regardless of physical, political and economic boundaries. The Frankfurt School e-learning programmes will help you develop your qualifications systematically and successfully. Together we build your career and make a difference in the social and economic development of your country. What this course offers:

  • Interactive e-learning courses including video lectures, PDF scripts and online tests for each module, as well as practical exercises and case studies.
  • A discussion forum for course-related issues and for exchanging experiences with your fellow participants and tutors.
  • Personalized support from your LinkEd team.
  • The option to obtain a Frankfurt School Certificate upon passing the final exam or a confirmation of course completion after working through all modules.
  • A large network of final exam locations at partner institutions all over the world.

Entry Requirements

  • English proficiency for the courses offered in English
  • French proficiency for the courses offered in French
  • High speed internet connection