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About this course

The Bachelor of Cognitive Science is aimed at candidates who are interested in an interdisciplinary study involving computer science, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, neurobiology, philosophy and psychology and pursue a profession or a research career in the field of cognitive science. For the study of cognitive science a good knowledge of English and an interest in interdisciplinary approaches are necessary.

The Cognitive Science (Cognitive Science) is a relatively young branch of science with the aim to explore cognitive abilities. These abilities of perception, motor function, learning, memory, problem solving, thinking and language are counted. Here, the cognitive science is understood as an interdisciplinary science between computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology. A particularly important aspect is the computer simulation of cognitive and neural processes and the formal theory of these processes.

Entry Requirements

 The following are parts of the application process necessary for admission consideration:

  • Common Application
  • Educational History Form (EHF)
  • Certificate of secondary school completion such as the German Abitur (i.e. International Baccalaureate, High School Diploma (with recommended tests depending on your region), GCSE A-levels, etc.)
  • SAT or ACT
  • English Language Proficiency Test