6 semesters
Oct Apr
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About this course

The course of study includes key questions on theological sources.  Basic skills are acquired and the central content of theology is to be developed over the period of the course. The variety of disciplines in theology provides good opportunities to select priorities depending on the combination of subjects and topics. The interdisciplinary work and networking with issues from other disciplines in the study of theology takes a broad space. Students will acquire the skills that are needed to make the gained expertise in various professional fields of activity fertile.

Entry Requirements

 The following are parts of the application process necessary for admission consideration:

  • Common Application
  • Educational History Form (EHF)
  • Certificate of secondary school completion such as the German Abitur (i.e. International Baccalaureate, High School Diploma (with recommended tests depending on your region), GCSE A-levels, etc.)
  • SAT or ACT
  • English Language Proficiency Test