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Sep Oct
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About this course

Ongoing globalization has increased the demand for management education with an international perspective. The skills required go beyond the necessary specialist knowledge:  the manager of tomorrow needs key qualifications such as international hands-on experience, intercultural competencies and soft skills like time management, foreign language skills, being organized and efficient and being proficient with state-of-the-art IT tools.

Furthermore, the challenges of global management call for individuals who are not only mobile, flexible and trustworthy, but also guided by ethical principles and social responsibility. In our International Business Management degree program, we prepare you to meet these requirements.

Entry Requirements

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (and additional documents according to the direct admission database)
  • Proof of Language competency, e.g.:
    • TOEFL (min. 87)
    • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (FCE)
    • The TOIEC (min. 605)
    • IELTS (min. 6.0)
  • equivalent internationally recognised certificate confirming at least a Level B2 of the CERFL

Note: Given that the pre-check is positive, we will invite you to our “EBC entrance assessment”. The assessment consists of two parts – a test and an interview. Both can be done at every EBC Campus in Germany. However, if you are not able to travel to one of our campuses, we will accept a TestAs-result (min. 90 points) as equivalent to our test and a Skype interview as alternative to our interview.