2 years
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About this course

Objective of Art therapy is to fortify every individual intrinsic imaginative force, the self-mending and self-obligation. It joins the controls of the visual expressions with restorative techniques. Art therapy meets expectations essentially with the assets, the sources and qualities of the individuals to avoid without its contentions. Art therapy as a low-limit offer helps individuals apprehensions, trusts and yearnings to delineate and utilizing the outline to create astounding arrangements. In the clinical connection of art therapy work is presently an indispensable piece of the treatment benefits and particularly in the socio-social, interdisciplinary and intercultural space it is progressively putting on weight.

Entry Requirements

  • Proof of artistic higher education, in exceptional cases, a different university studies with proven artistic competence
  • Proof of 3 - 6 week internship in an art therapy or related field.
  • Proof of successfully passed the entrance examination of the postgraduate Ganges Art Therapy

Note: The recording to the study carried out in every even year and is initially on a trial basis.