1 year
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Foreign students
USD 23,154
EUR 21,000
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About this course

The course aims at providing all adequate tools needed to communicate and promote the values of a collection, the design and brand with a unique and distinguishing style. They are trained for the workplace enthusiastic professionals able to tell the story and promote fashion and luxury both through traditional and new media, meeting in this way the renewed needs of the global industry. The course helps participants to analyse and experience all aspects of communication and promotion, able to formulate a captivating description of the magic of fashion and luxury. Starting from the study of semiotics, participants will deal with the analysis of the signs and the meanings of various messages, throughout different periods and cultures. The learning of image, trend and market research techniques is at the heart of the programme, as well as the acquisition of those competences needed to communicate with all the supporting roles at the professional’s disposal.

Moreover, the course will teach students how to manage, on one hand, the budget of an advertising campaign and, on the other hand, the dynamics of the support team, i.e. the working team in charge of the devising, design and successful delivery and follow up of a promotional strategy. The management of the events undergoes a deep analysis and the research, both personal and professional, represents the cornerstone of the course. Learning outcomes include:

  • To analyse and assess the strategies and tactics implemented by different fashion organizations to promote products and services at different levels of market positioning;
  • To fully manage the organization of an event;
  • To analyse the principles of integrated communication and be able to assess how these principles are applied to the development of communication campaigns;
  • To design and develop communication and promotion strategies able to take into consideration the different targets and their overall competitive positioning;
  • To assess how current issues actually include the use of new technologies, the consumer’s change of role and the onset of unconventional communication approaches, foreseeing their impact on promotional strategies;
  • To critically assess the works published in the areas of public relations, advertising, creativity and marketing communication and be able to autonomously develop a project of individual research.

Optional language courses (1 month, € 2.500):

  • Fashion French

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have a high school diploma. 
  • Academic references and titles is the key requirement.
  • All non-mother tongue students will need to have at least a basic knowledge of the language spoken in the selected course.