1 year
Feb Oct
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USD 23,154
EUR 21,000
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About this course

The one-year intensive course in Fashion Business and Brand Management is aimed at those who want to enter the world of fashion through a full-immersion course that will provide the tools, methods and knowledge necessary to work in a market sector, which operates according to precise rules of its own. In particular, the training will lead the participant to analyse the fashion system, starting with the study of its historical and socio-cultural aspects and its connection with the development of textiles and clothing, with the aim of understanding how marketing and communication have changed the industry in the last 60 years.

The economic analysis of fashion allows the participant to understand and evaluate the indicators that measure the financial performance and control policies of running a fashion business. Through the study of fashion products, the rules for the development of a collection will be defined and the sales channels for brand positioning in the market will be analysed. The power of communication, the seduction of the brand and the creation of ‘aspirational desire’ in fashion products are additional aspects that will be looked at in the areas of fashion advertising, public relations and visual display and addressed in both the traditional mediums (or media) and online. Learning outcomes include:

  • Learn the various marketing strategies in international markets;
  • Evaluate the processes related to fashion and luxury goods and their value in the production system;
  • Understand corporate legal aspects;
  • Evaluate, through the analysis of the budget, the economic performance of companies in fashion and luxury goods;
  • Assess the development of a fashion product, from design to planning a collection;
  • Develop communication campaigns and visual merchandising strategies that will enhance the product and the brand;
  • Organise, manage and develop a retail network through knowledge of the relevant markets

Optional language courses (1 month, € 2.500):

  • Fashion French

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have a high school diploma. 
  • Academic references and titles is the key requirement.
  • All non-mother tongue students will need to have at least a basic knowledge of the language spoken in the selected course.