1 year
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USD 23,154
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About this course

Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing and Management Intensive is a one-year course that engages students in the processes of product development, marketing, promotion and sales. The course is designed to cover thre disciplines that are fundamental to understanding and managing the cosmetics and fragrance industries: core business skills such as management and international business and management communication; marketing skills such as marketing theory, marketing communications and market research and strategy; and technical and creative skills such as cosmetics and fragrance product knowledge, retail and creative management.

The approach of this course is interdisciplinary and includes beauty and fashion culture, history and sociology in Europe and in the world.  Furthermore, the close ties of the programme to industry ensure that participants are immersed in the standards and practices of the beauty business, and help make connections that pave the way to a successful career in this challenging and rewarding field. Learning outcomes include:

  • Identify the main trends, cultural movements and innovations in cosmetics and fragrances from a historical and sociological perspective;
  • Evaluate how the cosmetics and fragrance industries use different elements of the marketing mix to reach target consumers;
  • Acquire knowledge about how cosmetics and fragrance companies apply different marketing strategies in the international domain;
  • Analyse and manage the critical factors in designing, planning, developing and producing collections of cosmetics and fragrances;
  • Develop communication and visual merchandising campaigns to increase sales of specific products;
  • Organize, manage and develop a retail network through targeted market knowledge.

Optional language courses (1 month, € 2.500):

  • Fashion French

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have a high school diploma. 
  • Academic references and titles is the key requirement.
  • All non-mother tongue students will need to have at least a basic knowledge of the language spoken in the selected course.