3 years
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USD 58,548
EUR 53,100
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About this course

The purpose of the three-year course in Fashion Business is to train professionals to use the language of marketing, management and finance in the field of fashion and luxury. This  three-year training course addresses all issues related to the marketing and development strategies of a brand, identifying the values that characterise the fashion identity of a company (equity). An understanding of the principles of economics and finance enables the participant to measure profitability and ensure compliance with budgets, while also implementing a specific control system for fashion companies.

The study of the cultural, sociological and historical dynamics of the development of fashion design enables participants to understand the influences held by trends in different countries and systems. The participant will be able to define strategies for coordinating a commercial proposal and developing a collection that expresses fashion trends and meets specific production-related lead times and costs. The analysis of a retail network and the development of digital marketing will allow participants to understand the distribution channels and policies for buying and for visual merchandising that characterise in an absolutely unique way the field of fashion and luxury.

At the end of the study cycle, participants will undertake a research project that will result in a business plan for a start-up or the brand extension of a fashion business. The fashion manager is one who studies the fashion scene, analyses the competition and checks out product development, planning, promotion and sales channels, collaborating with the design department and with all the production departments. Fashion managers can evaluate the intrinsic characteristics of the fabrics, the evolution of counsumer habits, lifestyles and the needs of the market. They know the techniques of sales and marketing. They define the price range and the target audience, and are skilled in coordinating business partners and employees. Learning outcomesinclude:

  • Understand the process of planning,implementation and control of a marketing strategy;
  • Develop a strategic approach to the assessment of markets in order to decide on the distribution policy aims of the internationalising the fashion brand;
  • Analyse and manage aspects related to the planning, development and production of a fashion collection;
  • Learn the methods that affect online and offline perception of a brand and its notoriety;
  • Plan business objectives and detect, through appropriate indicators, the difference between what was planned and the actual results in order to take appropriate corrective action;
  • Understand the strategic management processes from industrial production to logistics.

Optional language courses (1 month, € 2.500):

  • Fashion French

Note: Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in English in Paris and London will be awarded with a BA (Hons) degree by MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Entry Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent. 
  • Students from the UK are required to have a minimum of 5 GCSE passes, one of which must be in English, and 2 A-Levels, one of which must be in art with a minimum grade of C. 
  • French students who are applying need to have a Bac.

English Language Requirements

  • Entry at Level 5:
    • Students whose mother tongue is not English need to provide a valid English Language certificate with a minimum of B2 for the breakdown (on the CEFR), IELTS 6.0 without elements below 5.5.
  • Entry at Level 6:
    • Students whose mother tongue is not English need to provide a valid English Language certificate with a minimum a minimum IELTS 6.5 (or similar TOEFL or Cambridge award).