3 years
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USD 27,785
EUR 25,200
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USD 27,785
EUR 25,200
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About this course

The Bachelors in Fashion Marketing and Fashion Distribution Management share a similar innovative structure that enhance the possibility to have a robust business curriculum for fashion that stimulates creativity and talent while exploring the dichotomies between East and West in terms of strategies for marketing, communication, distribution and branding. Both Bachelors count on a common first year and are intended to be split into two different courses for the second and third year, in order to give a more profound and specific practical knowledge of the preferred specialization, ending to a specific award.


Entry Requirements

  • High School graduate or equivalence
  • A strong passion for Fashion, a stronger motivation in Business. Really keen in communication, marketing and brand.
  • The program Is taught in English and Chinese in Shanghai, English in Paris. Non English or non-Commonwealth students are required to provide evidences of their level of English (admission starts from a minimum 5.5 IELTS or equivalent).
  • We evaluate and can manage students’ APL scores with a minimum experience of 2 years with reference and portfolio to allow a direct enrollment with modules exemption or in second year.