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Australia is a combination of nature’s heritage combined with metropolitan advancement. From sweeping plains to the quartz mountains to the beautiful beaches, Australia is a land of beauty. Recognised for it’s academic excellence, the country provides the best education with internationally recognised qualifications.

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Raffles College Pty Ltd (trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce) is a unique education provider based in Sydney, Australia specialising in design, visual commu... More

Master of Commerce (Marketing)

Master of Commerce (Management)

Melbourne Polytechnic has been delivering vocational training since 1912 and today offers a diverse range of innovative, hands-on TAFE (VET) and Higher Education (Degree)... More

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Associate Degree of Hospitality Management

Taylors College Perth offers students a range of pathway programs designed to ensure their progress into the University of Western Australia (UWA), one of the most presti... More

Diploma of Commerce (12 months)

Diploma of Science (12 months)

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