Zhengzhou Huaxin University, Zhengzhou, China

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About Zhengzhou Huaxin University, Zhengzhou, China (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Zhengzhou Huaxin University, established in 1998 and approved by state Ministry of Education,is a private full-time undergraduate University. The University runs at multiple levels where, up to now, there are two campuses: west campus and east campus. It covers a total area of about 364 acres, with 594,400 square meters’ building area. Among it, the library accounts for 45470 square meters. and collects 1.74 million paper-edition books, 200 thousand e-books, 3058 journals in Chinese or English, 6 CNKI database resources albums.

At present, Zhengzhou Huaxin University contains six colleges and 6 teaching departments. It has 57 majors and over 26,000 full-time students. Headed by engineering, a pattern of multi-disciplinary coordinated development of management, medical science, humanities, social sciences has been formed.

The University persists in the guiding principle of running by masters. And after years of optimization, it has formed a sound teaching team with different ages and titles. Currently, It has 1256 teachers, both full-time and part-time. The number of teachers, with associate professor titles, is 423, accounting for 33.67% of the total number. The number of teachers, with master degree, is 423, accounting for 33.67% of the total number.

The motto of the University is sincere, diligent and self reliant. The education idea is basing on theory, intensifying practice, stimulating innovation, and stressing applications. The motto and education idea, proposed by President Zhao Guoyun, has become the consensus of all the teachers and students, and which encourages the students to study hard.

The University adheres to guiding principle of “people-oriented education; gives the moral education to the priority.” It established the "Three Ones” quality training objectives, namely, developing a good habit, learning a useful technique, cultivating a good morality. Zhengzhou Huaxin University has fostered a large number of talents, with sound personality, compound professionals, practical skills, who are welcomed by the society.

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