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Yancheng Institute of Technology

Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
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Student population Large (More than 10,000)
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About Yancheng Institute of Technology

Yancheng Institute of Technology is an institution of higher education of the Jiangsu province, located in Yancheng, a city by the coast of the Yellow Sea. The university is distinct and offers multidisciplinary education in engineering, sciences, agriculture, economics, management, humanities while giving prominence to engineering. Originally founded in June, 1958, the university has been developing rapidly since the mid-1990s. Its predecessor was the Yancheng College of Technology founded in 1958 and the Yancheng Vocational College founded in 1985. These two institutions were merged into one by the ratification of the National Education Committee and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province in May 1996.

The university has been committed to developing advanced application-oriented talents whom the society needs. It has been playing an important role in the regional economic growth through cultivating talents and providing intellectual support. The university has 1072 faculty members in the teaching position. Among them there are 109 professors and 375 associate professors, and 80 percent are with doctor’s or master’s degree.

There are 14 public schools, 1 non-governmental school and 5 teaching departments in the university. It admits students from 31 provinces nationwide, and it has an enrollment of more than 20,000 full-time students at present. The university opens itself to the world and positively pursues international cooperation and collegiate communication. It has established friendly, cooperative relationship with 16 universities in the USA, the UK, Canada, Korea, etc., among which there are 4 Sino-foreign cooperative education projects with University of Greenwich in England, school exchange programs with University of Portsmouth In England and Kangnung National University in Korea.

Since 2006, the university has undertaken 22 national research projects, 121 provincial projects, among which 20 projects have obtained national, provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The university has published more than 5,000 theses in national and provincial journals, among which 507 are included in SCI or EI.

Looking towards the future, Yancheng Institute of Technology will stick to carrying out the concept of scientific development and implementing the twelfth five-year program comprehensively. It is striving to build itself to into a high-level university that features application-oriented and development of engineering and multidisciplinary education coordinated. In the new century, with the spirit of keeping up with the times and to be down to the earth, the university is working hard to create and stride towards a brilliant future.

Campus information

With advanced facilities and instruments, YCIT has 8 research centers, 60 laboratories as well as many technology centers and research institutes:

  • Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Center for Product Quick Design
  • Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Ecotype Material
  • Yancheng Research Center for Nanometer Material & Equipment Engineering Technology
  • Yancheng Local Economic Development Research Institute
  • YCIT Modern Analysis Center
  • YCIT Building Design Institute
  • YCIT Electric Automation Research Institute
  • YCIT Applied Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Research Institute
  • YCIT Information Center
  • YCIT Oceanology Research Institute
  • YCIT Art Design Research Center

Schools include:

  • The School of Automotive Engineering
  • School of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • School of Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering, Road and Bridge Engineering, Geotechnical and Underground Engineering, Construction Materials)
  • School of Design and Art
  • School of Economics and Management
  • School of Electrical Engineering
  • School of Environmental Engineering
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Information Engineering
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Textile Engineering
  • UGS School
  • Boya Non-governmental School
  • Further and Open Education School

Travel by bus from Yancheng Nanyang Airport from the following routes:

  • Yancheng Nanyang Airport -- 15 Road Bus towards Taoyuanju -- Bureau of Labor -- 22 Road Bus towards Eastern Air Conditioner Factory -- Walk to Yancheng Institute of Technology
  • Yancheng Nanyang Airport -- 15 Road Bus towards Taoyuanju -- Bank of China -- Walk to International Trade Building -- 30 Road Bus -- Second City Gate -- Walk to Yancheng Institute of Technology
  • Yancheng Nanyang Airport -- 15 Road Bus towards Taoyuanju -- Xintiandi -- 26 Road Bus -- Walk to Yancheng Institute of Technology
  • Yancheng Nanyang Airport -- Bridge Road -- Lu Jin Bridge -- 35 Road Bus -- Walk to Yancheng Institute of Technology


Plain Student Dormitory for 4 students

  • Facilities:
    • air-conditioner, water-heater washing room, Individual desk and chair, table lamp, wardrobe, individual single beds
  • Short-term students: RMB 30 per day for 4 persons
  • Long-term students: RMB 3000 per academic year for 4 persons


  • 1/2 bed room, bathing room, dining room, kitchen (around 60m2)
  • Facilities:
    • internet, TV, air-conditioner, desk and chair, wardrobe, washing machine, water-heater, toilet, kitchen utensils, refrigerator, Microwave oven
  • Short-term student: RMB 900 per month for the whole apartment
  • Long-term student: RMB 750 per month


  • Standard room: RMB 150 per day (It can be shared with 2 persons)
  • The following items are not included in the accommodation fee:
    • Water
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Meals
    • Internet connection
    • Telephone bill


Courses available 32

Accounting & Finance 1 Applied, Pure Sciences 2 Architecture, Building 2 Business, Management 3 Computer Science, IT 2 Engineering 19 Hotel Management & Hospitality 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 2 Mandarin (Chinese Language) 1


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